Welcome to a new era of oven versatility and dependability. Baxter’s enhanced OV500 Oven now features a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger tubes. It bakes, roasts, browns, cooks and retherms, with energy-saving features to lower total cost of ownership. See it in action at NAFEM | Booth #4433 discover it here >>
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We're known for ovens that turn out evenly baked entrées and perfectly crusty breads. For the kind of steam control that lends bagels a shiny finish and guarantees moist and flavorful turkey. Baxter combines advanced technology and enduring construction in every commercial oven, proofer and retarder we manufacture. Because, like you, we know that the secret to good food is in the details.

Baking from scratch is an art form.
Just how seriously does Baxter take airflow?
The updated Rotating Rack Oven
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