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Huge space, limited space—Baxter Proofers let you use exactly the space you need.

Baxter's modular design lets you custom fit your proofer to your rack capacity requirements or into available space—you don't have to settle for a choice of just three or four sizes.

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An excellent way to maximize square footage and add flexibility to production scheduling for small bakeries, large supermarkets or institutions.

The space-saving combination eliminates the need for additional equipment by combining all the features of a proofing cabinet and a retarder into one unit.

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Practical, durable, innovative.

In other words, Baxter specialty products and accessories are built to fit in perfectly with our ovens, proofers and retarder/proofers.

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It's your kitchen. You need products that cook however you choose—whether starting from scratch or adding a finishing touch. And you need equipment that can stand up to whatever your operation dishes out. We know—we're the leading supplier to hospitals and care facilities, restaurants, hotels and resorts, schools, the military, even correctional facilities. In short, anywhere there's a variety of food to prepare and where products have to be built to last.


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