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  • The Baxter Triple-wide Standard Proofer.
  • The Baxter Double-wide Standard Proofer.
  • The Baxter Single-wide Standard Proofer.
  • Non-abrasive polyurethane bumpers protect inside walls.
  • Patented system uses dual 6" fans to provide gentle airflow and minimize product drying.
  • Modular panel construction with cam lock attachment.

Eye-level digital control panel includes set heat/humidity system and four independent rack timers.


There is no center jamb to hinder loading and unloading of our proofers.  A lap strip provides a tight seal when the doors are closed.


Look inside this proofer for its patented airflow system.


Stainless steel construction for ultimate durability.



Huge space, limited space—Baxter Proofers let you use exactly the space you need. Baxter’s modular design lets you custom fit your proofer to your rack capacity requirements or into available space—you don’t have to settle for a choice of just three or four sizes. Our standard proofers are available in single-wide, double-wide and triple-wide models, with new depths added to better fit any space where bread needs a place to rise, from a large foodservice operation to a small grocery store bakery. But of course, with our quality construction and precise control, there’s nothing standard about any of them.

Quick Facts

  • Patented, precision airflow system for fast and even proofing
  • Modular design lets you custom fit to rack capacity requirements or available space
  • Precise digital controls and four individual rack timers standard

Perfect results are practically foolproof.

Proofing is part art and part science. Which is why our proofers incorporate both, with features designed to make proofing precise, yet simple.

The epitome of those features is our patented airflow system. Dual 6" fans force air in a dual circular pattern for a balanced, controlled proof that minimizes product drying.

Likewise, our humidification system uses multiple independent air ducts for balanced humidity. The system creates abundant moisture using a nozzle to spray water onto a heated metal plate with a flash spray system that sprays for just two seconds at a time. The nozzle requires no cleaning and there are no water filters to change. To ensure accuracy, humidity and temperature sensors are located next to air ducts to capture true readings.

You keep temperature and humidity precise with a digital control panel conveniently located at eye level, but with numbers large enough to also see at a glance. Controls let you set heat and humidity and four independent rack timers, perfect for a setting where multiple products with varying proofing times need to be handled simultaneously.

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Multiple products, varying times, one standard proofer.

Baxter’s Standard Proofer is essential to the production of a wide variety of products at varying times. You control heat and humidity and four independent rack timers, letting you simultaneously proof products that require varying times.

We know that your operation is just as variable as the products you need to proof. That’s why every proofer width we offer—single, double or triple—is available in five depths to accommodate larger foodservice operations and smaller bakeries. Our single-wide proofer is available in widths of 35.5'' or 42'', and the double-wide is available in widths of 62'' or 75.5''.

Single-wide proofers also come with a field-reversible door that can be hinged on the right or left and switched on site to accommodate workflow.

Optional equipment makes Baxter Proofers even more versatile:

  • Stainless steel floor
  • Window in door
  • Interior light
  • Upper finish trim for one or both sides
  • Prison safety package

› Learn how Baxter equipment enhances scratch baking.

Not just reliable operation but safe operation.

Baxter durability is evident in every standard proofer, from rugged stainless steel interiors and exteriors to thoughtful operational features.

Standard single-wide proofers feature field-reversible doors with magnets to ensure proper closure. Single-, double- and triple-wide proofers protect both the user and the machine with a design with no exposed moving parts, fans or hot surfaces. A technician-installed safety screw further protects machinery and ensures operator safety. Interiors are also protected by nonabrasive polyurethane bumpers.

Product Spec Sheets


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